Saturday, February 6, 2010

We sued the city of St Louis and the Board of Police Comissioners and WE WON!

Remember how Gustavo Rendon was arrested and thrown in jail for leafleting information on eminent domain abuse in his own neighborhood? Then you'll also remember that those trumped up charges were dropped the very next day.

BUT the police did find a law that they could and would enforce on us if we were to ever show dissent by leafleting in the city again.

So we sued the city and board of police and WE WON!

A law that was selectively enforced and violated our right to free speech is to be removed from the books! The consent judgement signed by the judge also requires that all police officers, park rangers and others responsible for enforcing laws to be made aware of this change within 60 days.

That's one down... :)

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